Big Board 5.0 for the 2023 NBA Draft: March Madness

Folks, it’s that time of year again. Finally starting, March Madness has many potential 2023 NBA Draft prospects competing on the biggest stage of their young careers. The upcoming month will significantly contribute to solidifying narratives and shedding light on which prospects can withstand the rigors of competition for NBA teams. The 2023 draft class…

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The new lyophilized PCR reaction bead from PBD Biotech makes active TB testing more accessible globally and allows for simple ambient shipping

Testing and treatment for tuberculosis must take place close to the site of infection. For use in its Actiphage® blood test for active TB, PBD Biotech has created a lyophilized PCR reaction bead. This makes ambient shipping possible without the need for a cold chain, which lowers shipping costs and increases the shelf life of…

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International operation shuts down the money-laundering service ChipMixer

A darknet cryptocurrency mixing service called ChipMixer has been taken down by international authorities after they accuse it of laundering and hiding the sources of billions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin for criminal organizations, North Korean hackers, and the Russian Intelligence Service. The German police shut down the ChipMixer back-end servers and more than $46…

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