Any car stolen in Colorado — even cheap ones — should be a felony, lawmakers say

All car thefts — regardless of the vehicle’s value — could soon be a felony under proposals being floated by policymakers. Lawmakers and the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice, following Gov. Jared Polis’ request, have been looking at appropriate sentencing for people convicted of stealing motor vehicles. The state recently rocketed to the…

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Teenager In Need Of Food Approaches Strangers In Kroger, Unaware That His Actions Will Alter The Course Of His Life

When 16-year-old Chauncy Jones, starving and desperate, headed to a grocery store he knew the well-off frequented, he was hoping to score some food in exchange for performing labor or chores. What he got was a life-changing experience instead. After continually being turned down, Chauncy chanced upon Matt White. He asked if he could help…

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