Couple adopted the neighbor’s 3 Black kids after her passing They didn’t expect what people would do


Elia Robinson, now six years old, was. Given up for adoption after being taken. Into state custody shortly after her birth. She was raised in a number of. Houses throughout her youth. Because her parents were both addicted to drugs when she was born, little Elia has already raised almost $6,000 to assist other children in the event of an emergency. She gives children what she calls love.

Packages, which are bags with drawstrings that hold toys and gifts. A number of famous people, such as Usher and Ellen DeGeneres, have shown their support for a cause. A kindergarten student in Oklahoma who was recently adopted by a new family has touched the hearts of people all around the world. After she set up a lemonade stand to raise money to assist other children who are in the foster care system.

Elijah Robinson, now six years old, has been in the custody of the state since she was born. Because her mother was addicted to drugs, she spent most of her youth living in various foster homes and shelters for abused and neglected children. However, one day her forever mum, Misty Robinson, located her along with her two younger siblings, and she adopted all three of them. Elia, who had just turned four at the time, had previously been placed with a foster parent who had given her gifts like Barbies, a bike and even a mini electronic tablet. Elia had only recently turned four at the time.

However, she was taken aback to discover. That her younger brother had brought not a single toy with them. When they moved into their new house as a family, the young girl hurriedly ran to her room in order to look for something that her younger brother could play with. When she returned, she was carrying a.

Plush bear, a block and a small book for her younger sibling. After that, she had the epiphany that she wanted to assist other foster children who had not been as lucky as she had been in her own upbringing. After attending a garage sale alongside her mother and her brother, Elijah, Elijah got the bright idea to start her own lemonade stand. While they were there, the family, who lives in Sulfur, Oklahoma, came across a.

Group of adolescents who are raising money. For a friend’s quincinera by selling lemonade from a stand they’d put up. Her mother told Elia that she had purchased some lemonade for them so that they could use the money to buy nice gowns, and this is where Elia got the inspiration for her concept. Elia’s mom consented to purchase the mixes. And lemons, and her grandparents supplied cups and ice. As a result, Elia raised $132 at her first stall.

While eagerly watching the $1 coins pile. Up, hermala also agreed to purchase the mixes. She browsed the Internet to find the. Teddy bears that she wanted to purchase for herself and also came to the. Conclusion that she wanted to present each. Child with a Bible and a toothbrush. After doing some research and shopping around. Elia was able to put together what.

She calls love packages for the foster children and her care. These drawstring backpacks cost about $10 each. And include a blanket, a stuffed bear. A Bible, as well as a toothbrush and toothpaste she’s already given away somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 backpacks. But considering that there are more than. 4000 children in the United States who are placed in foster care, she has her job cut out for her. On her GoFundMe page, little Elia has.

Already brought in more than $6,000 in donations. One transaction alone netted her $1,400 in revenue. A video she posted on YouTube about her charity endeavor already has more than. 1.3 million views, and she’s attracted the attention of celebrities, many of whom have expressed their support for her cause. It would appear that Ellen DeGeneres has seen her tale, and Usher has contacted Elia on Facebook to tell her that he thinks she’s a superhero.

Someone bought Elia the Barbie Jeep she’d. Been saving for, and the toy giant Mattel delivered special gifts to Elias home. People and businesses from all around the country have also expressed their support for Elia. In addition to that, she’s given dozens. Of cases of donated lemonade as well as items to fill her gift bags for the children in foster care.

Because of the increased demand, her mother. Has even had to start looking for a trailer. Her mother expressed the following sentiment. I simply want to continue to cherish. Her small, kind heart that the Lord has gifted her with for as long. As possible and pray that it continues. With her throughout her entire life. She mentioned it in an interview with. K 40, saying, we did one last week and had over 100 people. And made $1,400 on a lemonade stand.

And Elias stated that she doesn’t require any donations. In her own words, It’s the foster. Children because I’m in possession of funds. My only requirements are television, a keyboard. A bed, my mother and the Bible. That’s all that I require. In another similar story, couple adopts, dying. Neighbors, three kids comes home and finds. Their house completely different when one of their neighbors is in need. It’s only natural for other neighbors to.

Offer assistance, but nothing could have adequately Prepared Tisha and her husband, Kevin, both of whom reside in Las Vegas, for. The assistance that their next door neighbor. Was about to want from them. Audrey, a single mother who is responsible for the upbringing of her three children. Has had the nagging feeling that something’s. Wrong with her body. She needed to get some tests done at the hospital one day, so before she left, she asked her neighbor, Tisha, who lives next door, if her three children could spend the night at her house. Tisha graciously agreed.

Tisha and Kevin were aware that they didn’t have a lot of room in. Their house because they already had five children of their own living there. Despite this, they made the decision to let Audrey’s children spend the night at their house. It turned out that the Bushman’s children. Would never be able to leave the house they were raised in. The findings of Audrey’s test came back and they condemned the devastating news that. She had been diagnosed with stage two.

Esophageal and stomach cancer. Audrey desired to have the peace of mind of knowing that her children would. Be well cared for in the event. That she was no longer there. In spite of the fact that she. Didn’T know Tisha very well, she mustered. Up the confidence to ask her for. A favor that would transform the lives of both their families innumerable ways. She asked Tisha to be the legal. Guardian of her children. Tisha agreed to take on this responsibility.

The couple was aware that they wouldn’t. Be able to say no to this request, no matter how challenging it would be for them. Tisha and Kevin agreed to go through with Audrey’s plans without giving it a second thought. Because of this, they’re now a large. Family of ten people who all reside under the same roof. Audrey, who was given a prognosis of. One more year to live, went away. Unexpectedly just a short time after receiving the news. Within a span of only two weeks.

Her cancer reached the stage four level, indicating that it had advanced at a rapid rate. Elizabeth Thames, who was a neighbor to both the families, was aware of the living conditions that the Bushmans were subjected to. She made the decision to write a. Letter recommending them for assistance from the Fox Five surprise quad and send it out. It came as no surprise that their story moved the hearts of many people. And as a result, the team traveled.

To Tisha’s house to surprise her family with the largest chain reaction possible. Tisha admitted during the course of the interview that she did not have a particularly joyful childhood. She had a difficult childhood and didn’t want Audrey’s children to have to go through what she had to go through as a child, which was growing up in an orphanage.

When Tisha was asked what compelled her. To take in Audrey’s children, even though she didn’t know Audrey very well, her. Response was, I don’t want them to. Ever have to deal with anything I had to deal with as a child because children deserve to be children. This was Tisha’s response when she was asked what compelled her to take in. Audrey’s children, even though she didn’t know Audrey very well.

They’ve suffered through an excessive amount. They’re deserving of a warm and caring. Family as well as a place to call home. Tisha, who works as a bingo cashier at a casino, and her family were given a three week stay there, courtesy of Fox Five. From that point on, the group moved. In and gave the inside of the house a comprehensive makeover they were able to complete the work that would have. Taken them around six weeks in just four days.

Thanks to the assistance of other people. When they entered their home, they’re shocked. To learn that it’s been entirely revamped. As a result of everyone being given. Their own personal storage space in the living room, the space quickly became considerably more orderly. The oldest of Tisha’s children didn’t have. Her own private bedroom simply she slept in the open space that was close to the kitchen. Now she possesses a private area that’s uniquely hers and exquisitely created. Tisha and her family got far more.

Than was promised to them by the Fox Five Surprise squad, which is in keeping with the style of that program. In addition to making over the home. The group also provided the family with. A brand new car and enough food. For an entire year at no cost to them. Tisha and Kevin loved Audrey’s children as if they were their own. By welcoming them into their homes and. Opening their hearts to them, the Bushmans were able to take pleasure in a surprise that was richly earned because of.

The generosity and selflessness that they demonstrated. What’s even more incredible is that their actions motivated an entire town to band. Together and cooperate in order order to make this possible.

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