The mother insisted on exhuming the 2-day-old grave of her daughter but she was shocked to see…


The death of a child is devastating and often referred to as the worst experience a parent can endure. A child’s death causes a profound family crisis. It shares core beliefs and assumptions about the world and the expectations about how life should unfold. The overwhelming suffering and intense emotions that flood the days, weeks, months and years following the loss are called grief.

The pain of grief is extremely intense as parents digest the finality of never seeing their child again and the loss of future hopes and plans. While memories of the child flood their mind, they also experience a deep emptiness and unimaginable void in their lives. Grief impacts a parent’s whole identity as well as the identity and security of other members of the family.

Some emotions of grief can be shared with others, while other intense feelings of loneliness or guilt may never be put into words. How feelings and emotions of grief are experienced and expressed differently from person to person. One parent may need to talk a great deal about the loss and the pain, while another may become quiet and withdrawn. Some try to avoid facing their pain by holding feelings inside and acting as. Though they are fine.

Although painful and difficult, expressing grief is vitally important. It helps a parent work through the pain of the loss. With time, the pain of loss, although always there, becomes less intense. The parent-child relationship often takes on new forms as a parent connects with their child in new ways. An injury or disease bad enough to cause death can sometimes hurt, not always, but the death itself does not. I’ve known a few people with near-death experiences, including my son. The experiences vary a bit, but there are some similarities.

One was that they felt themselves leave their body so they had no weight of floating sensation and they couldn’t feel their body at all. Just as everyone has a different fingerprint, so is your grief journey. It’s not expected that anyone will experience every aspect of what’s written here. You may have aspects of your grief that are particularly difficult. Other descriptions may not fit how you feel or what you experience. In the end, this is only meant to aid in understanding and expressing your grief your way. The love you have for your child is not severed, but rather your relationship continues in a different context.

For it’s not how they died, but how they lived in the beginning. There’s a girl named Maria who works as a cashier in a supermarket. She works to help her poor family. She has a brother named Max. She loves him so much and she always buys him, sweets. He has seven years. Maria is responsible for the expenses and everything because her father died, leaving his family in poverty. So Maria decided to work to help. Her brother and mother.

Maria loves her neighbour Jack so much. He’s also in love with her life was going well but something very tragic happened to Max. Max went to the street to play with his friends but was suddenly hit by a car and he died. The scene was very touching and sad. While Maria was at work, a child came to her and said, Your brother died.

Maria rushed to see her brother and she took him to the hospital but the doctors told her that her little brother had died. The mother cries and for the departure of her child, Maria cries heartily this situation was very sad, especially since Maria loves her innocent brother very much. For months Maria was in a very bad psychological state due to the death. Of her younger brother.

As for Jack, he always calls her but she doesn’t answer. Jack decided to visit her and talk to her. He went to her and found her crying. He consoles her, I feel you, I know it’s very difficult but you have to be strong, you know I will always be here with you because I love you so much. I have nobody but you. I hate seeing you in the state.

She says I don’t feel that Max is only my brother but my child too. I don’t know how I would live my life without him. He’s the source of my happiness and joy. He’s still too young to die. An innocent child died early. Jack did not pressure Maria and he tried to console her in every way. Months passed and Jack asked Maria to marry but she can’t agree to justify this by saying My mother is in a very bad psychological state because of the death. Of my little brother.

The Farewell of her child is very difficult. Every mother who loves her child cannot recover easily so I cannot leave her alone but we find that her mother convinces her to marry. Jack says we can get married and live with her. That was the perfect solution. Jack married Maria and he lived in his mother-in-law’s house.

Many months passed and one day Maria felt very tired. She went to the doctor with her mother and the doctor told her that she was pregnant. They’re very happy with the wonderful news. Maria said I’m going to have a beautiful baby girl and I’ll name her Anita. One day Maria felt badly tired. She’s lying on the bed and she can’t move, she screams in pain her mother called Jack and he came immediately to take her to the hospital.

Doctors stayed in the operating room for very long hours. They’re trying to save the baby’s life but it’s clear that there was a medical error made by the doctor. The doctor was not focused enough to do this difficult operation. Jack and his mother-in-law are very worried about Maria and the baby. The doctor came out of the operating room saying I tried to save the baby’s life but unfortunately she died but Maria is fine.

Jack cries hard he’s in a very difficult situation. When Maria woke up, she found Jack by her side and said, Where’s my baby? I want to see her. Why didn’t the nurses bring me, my baby? She found her husband and mother looking at each other in sadness, not knowing what to say. Then Jack cried, Our baby is dead. This is our sad fate. Maria looks around the room and she’s clearly in a state of hysteria.

The nurse came in to check on Maria again, but Maria yelled at her, Where’s my baby? You kidnapped my baby. I’m going to imprison you all. Jack hugged his wife and told her, Calm down. We have to accept the current situation. You shouldn’t blame the doctors or nurses. They did their best to save you and our baby. They stayed for too many hours in the operating room, but our baby died.

Maria said, no, you’re a liar. My baby isn’t dead. She’s still alive. Maria angrily smashes everything in the room and says, My child is alive. She’s not dead. Get me out of here to save her from you. Obviously, Maria is going crazy. She has an inner feeling that her child is still alive.

Death took my little brother from me and now death wants to take my baby, but she’s alive. She said, crying. Jack went to take his dead child to the grave to bury her. Maria forbids them from this and tells them that the baby is alive, but no one believes her and they think that she’s saying falsehoods because she’s very shocked.

Jack said to her, I appreciate your difficult psychological state. I am also very sad, but please do not pressure me. Our child has died and we must accept that. Maria wouldn’t believe it. Maria went to the tomb of the baby and suddenly they were all shocked. She heard her baby scream. This shocked them all. Her baby is still alive. Everything that happened is just a medical error.

The mother took her baby in a very painful and shocking scene. She breastfed her immediately and saved her from death. Jack stared at her in a very touching scene, not believing that she was alive. Jack was irritated and told her, I’ll take revenge on whoever caused this to happen. I’ll punish the doctor. The operation was recorded in a video. I’m going to take that video to analyze it and find out exactly what happened.

Take our baby and go to your mother’s house. Take care of our baby and I will revenge. Jack went to the hospital manager and asked him to bring a video copy of his wife’s operation. The manager was very surprised by this and asked him what had happened, but Jack didn’t say anything. They saw the video together and it was clear that the doctor was not at all focused.

The doctor does strange things. He forgets to put things in and he forgets to do important things. Apparently, he was drunk in an abnormal state. Jack said to the director, I’ll punish you. Director? How can you bring such a failed doctor to work in your fancy hospital? I’ll never shut up. I’ll expose and punish you all. Jack went to the police and showed them the video.

They brought the doctor and he was punished. Every character reaped what they sewed. This beautiful baby Anita has a new life with her father Jack and her mother, Maria. Maria said to them, I told you from the beginning that my child was alive and no one believed me.

You all lied to me and said I was crazy. But my feeling always wins. This story teaches us several morals. A man must never lose hope. A man must be patient to get all he desires. All those who neglect their work must be punished.

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