Son disliked his Mother and persuaded to leave her. Then he saw her in office and froze


Varysargivna stopped at her own son’s gate and leaned heavily on the wooden fence. She just got out from the taxi. She was away from her own house for a long time. She looked through the welcomely glowing windows of the house and her heart was jumping for joy. It beat loudly like a hammer hit on a metal. Maybe the house was a little mess from the outside, but obviously, it’s not like that from the inside. The old woman opened the gate of the garden.

She’d waited so long for this moment she felt that it wasn’t enough to die of joy on the threshold of her own house. Well, in a hurry. The old woman noticed the barn. Saying to herself that she could fix the barn too. She said, well done, Igor. You kept your promise and kept the house in very good condition. She thought warmly about her son, although he did not write letters to her. But it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that the house of the family is in order, as promised to her. She was sure that her son will throw himself into her chest upon seeing her.

All those thoughts were in just two minutes, the time she took getting down of the taxi till she reached the house door. Vera Sergeiv knocked on the door of the house, waiting to see her son, but when the door swung open, she was in amazed condition. A very tall man with a towel from a kitchen over his shoulder stood there looking at the old woman for a second. He assessed, looked at the guest, and asked her, how can I help you, ma’am? Ferris give me was confused.

She asked him, Where is Igor? The man nervously looked at the elderly woman unkindly. He told her that he knows no one who called Igor and that this is his house. He looked at the woman disrespectfully as she was wearing a padded jacket, worn-out shoes, and an old bag on her shoulders. After all, she wasn’t at a party. She was just in jail and got her freedom back an hour ago. The woman asked the man again about her son. Where’s my son, Igor? Is he okay? The man shrugged indifferently. He was about to close the door, but he turned around again and he said, do you mean Igor Smirnoff?

The woman nodded frequently and the man looked at her sympathetically. He said, he sold me the house four years ago. The woman nearly fainted on the ground then and asked him, do you know where I can find him now? Or where to start looking? The man shook his head negatively and the old woman trudged to the gate. Varner Gavin walked slowly to a stop. She predicted their son must have been in trouble again. That is what her mother’s heart feels.

Igor was always so trusting as four years ago he trusted a friend and he deceived him into a scam if there is a guide had not taken the blame, Igor would have been sent down for a long time in prison. But as for her as an old woman, the court gave her a sentence of only five years, and she’d been released. Just today, when she began thinking, she knew that something wrong had happened and her son stopped writing to her three years ago, and now everything had been confirmed. She was crying and thinking when a large black car pulled up beside her. A tall, gloomy man leaned out the window. He was the new owner of the house.

The man was named Sebastian, and he got out of his car and sat down with the old woman. And then he began to tell her the story of how he bought her house. He was looking for a house with a good price in the countryside. Some guy was selling a house urgently, it said there was minor incumbent, though the price was reduced. Very interesting.

He looked at the coverage area. The village wasn’t far away, and the connection there must be excellent. Sebastian called the number indicated and made an appointment. The man was late. Sebastian was about to leave, but he used Chevrolet came flying up to him. Hello, I’m Igor, the owner of the house. Sebastian got into his car. Hello, can you tell me what’s wrong with the house? Let me show it to you and then I’ll tell you about it. You might not like it.

Sebastian liked the house, at least from the outside, but the owner didn’t. His eyes were running and his hands were shaking. That’s the kind of thing alcoholics and gamblers do. Sebastian looked at the owner. Well, now tell me what the catch is. The house is nice, but the price is next to nothing.

You see, it’s my mother’s house. She’s very old in that prison now. She might live a year or so. It turns out that she’ll be like a lodger. Is this you selling your house or your mom without her permission? Well, I can’t wait for her to die. I need the money badly. At first, Sebastian wanted to refuse right away.

Then, not knowing why, he said, Well, let’s go see the house. The house was even bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside. One large room, two smaller ones in a kitchen. We also have a nice room in the attic, and there’s a summer one on the veranda, Igor said. So I’ll take it, Sebastian said. He didn’t tell the subhuman that his mother looked a lot like his grandmother as he saw her photo on the wall of the house.

But he did say that he should have been locked up. Listen, don’t get your pennies in a twist. If I say I need money, I mean, it’s a good deal. Why am I explaining it? Igor said. Igor didn’t want to explain anything. He was in a great hurry. His young wife had found this offer. You don’t have to do anything. Just sit at home and push the buttons only needed to invest. But the profits promised to be huge. Susan is a smart girl. They’ll succeed. They even calculated that the money they.

Invested would be returned in a couple of months, and then there would be no investments, only profits. He wasn’t at all interested in how his mother would live out her life, whether this guy would throw her out or not. He offered to put her in a nursing home when she got out of prison. It’s good that the house had been in his possession for a long time.

The next day, after receiving money from Sebastian, they put everything on the card and sat down to register. Everything was working out just fine after two days. There was an inscription in the personal account. You’re doing great. If you deposit more money today, you can withdraw your money as early as tomorrow. Igor dropped everything and ran to his neighbour. After borrowing the necessary amount of money, which was only $300, he immediately rushed to the ATM

He and his wife woke up early in the morning. They wondered how much they’d earned on the first day, but the personal account would not open. They tried for almost an hour, and then the call indicated the number. The number didn’t exist. They looked at each other. Susan Typed in the firm’s name in the search engine and immediately groaned.

There was already a whole website with deceived people that was created in literally 24 hours. Igor almost fell out of his chair. What is it, sue? What is it? How do I know? I’m reading it just like you. There was silence for half an hour. Susan and Igor were intensely reading what people had written. The man could feel the remnants of his hair moving on his head. Susan, am I correct in assuming that our money is gone? Sounds like that. How was that? You said everything was fine and you checked everything ten times.

What am I, an economist? I just offered you a suggestion and it was up to you to decide. Susan stood up and slowly retreated toward the kitchen. Igor stood up too and took cautious steps towards her. What are we going to do now, sue? How to live? What about our neighbor’s debt? I have to pay it back tomorrow. Well, you’re an idiot. Why did you take such a short term? Am I an idiot? Igor leaned over, took off the Slipper, and threw it at his wife. Susan shrieked and sent back his Slipper. It hit Igor right in the head.

Igor put a second Slipper more comfortably in his hand and swing through the Slipper again. This time it landed right on Susan’s forehead. The woman howled and ran into the kitchen. Igor had almost caught up with her, but Susan managed to grab the frying pan. Igor stopped sharply and Susan waving the frying pan went at him. What? Do you have to work now? Are you unhappy? That’s all right. You work. It’s very useful. You’re sorry about the money. So you’re the fool. Are you a man or what? You’re the one who hasn’t worked today.

You’re leeching off me to work. No way. Have you forgotten that you live in my apartment? I married you. What did you promise me, sue? I’m for you. I said yes. What a Fool I was. I thought you were a grown man. They would argue for a long time, and their disputes often ended in a light scuffle. But today the advantage was on Susan’s side. Igor spat and went outside to cool off a bit. Of course, he made up with Susan. What’s there to fight about?

If they have to do something, they had to sell her earrings to pay off the neighbour’s debt, and Igor went to look for a job. Sebastian offered to the old Vera that comes and lives with him in the house. He even told her that she was one of the reasons why he bought the house. When he saw her photo that she reminded him of his late grandmother. Sebastian would not let her go, even if she insisted she was so much like his grandmother. Only three months had passed, and Vera was unrecognizable. She visibly perked up and looked even.

Younger, and Sebastian understood what it was all about now. There was a huge new refrigerator in the house. The kitchen was all new. Sebastian remembered how Ms Vera groaned. He enjoyed pampering Ms Vera. He didn’t have time to pamper his. Grandma, but he would pamper this old.

Woman, even though she was not his relative. But Vera tried to do the same. Sebastian had forgotten that he’d ever eaten bad food or washed his iron for himself. Everything was always cooked, ironed, and polished. Two weeks ago, Sebastian opened a small construction firm. So far there were only five people on the staff, but they were all proven and good people.

Sebastian knew for sure that they were not doing a half-hearted job, but with quality. It was clear that this approach won’t let him promote the company, but he wanted to make sure his firm was known for a long time. Later, when there was more work, he’d recruit more people. By the way, Vera Sergeyevna was a connoisseur of human nature. It so happened that he drove her to the clinic for a check-up and then took her to the interview. The old woman did not interfere, and after Sebastian had talked to everyone, she said, you shouldn’t have taken the other one.

It won’t do any good, but the others are good. At the time, Sebastian paid no attention to what she said, which he regretted much later. That worker not only didn’t want to work, but he kept trying to steal things.

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