This man, Trevor from Texas, serves the military forces and he has been on duty for almost 9 months before he returns home and tries to surprise everyone including his beloved dog Emmitt. Trevor thinks he will make kind of a surprise, but the dog steals the show as soon as Trevor shows up on the door.

When a relative returns home from a duty after a long time, all the members of the family are immensely happy to see their brother, father, husband. We have often seen videos online of soldiers making surprises to their relatives when unannounced show up at their door after months of absence.

But besides the family, here are also our pets who wait every day for their owner to show up at the door after months. Sometimes they show even more sincere love than people.

So Trevor hoped to make his family surprise with his appearance after 9 months on duty, but his dog stole the show with his reaction of joy and happiness. This is another proof that dogs are man’s best friend.

Here is the video: