When They Lift The Baby’s Blanket, Things Get Worse For The Nurse Who Discovered The Abandoned Infant Outside


Being born with a deformity is one thing but being rejected by your mother because of those deformities is a whole other matter.

In Brazil, Gabe Adams was born without any arms or legs. Gabe has a condition called Hanhart syndrome.

According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, Hanhart syndrome is a rare birth defect with no known cause.

His birth mother didn’t want him, so she left him.

In the United States, Janelle Adams heard about Gabe and knew she wanted to give this child a home.

Janelle and her husband, who live in Ohio, already had 13 children, adding Gabe to the family was an easy decision.

Gabe arrived when he was an infant and has absolutely thrived with his family.

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