Mom Discovers A Dying Toddler And Acts Unusually Before Calling The Police


When a mother found her toddler dying on the floor of her home in Phoenix, Arizona, her initial reaction was not to call 911 or start CPR.

Instead, she had something else in mind that made the sickening situation worse than it already was when cops saw the child’s bottom.

Natalie Renne Russell is going to jail for a long time after it was discovered what she left inside her two-year-old daughter, Adalynn, in an unusual attempt to “fix” her first problem that caused the child to fall unconscious.

When seconds counted in getting the life-saving care to the child, Natalie used the time do something else as a witness on the scene watched.

Fox 8 reported that Adalynn was pronounced dead at the scene after her mother finally called paramedics when her “reversal” technique failed. After first claiming that she accidentally spilled her prescription to methadone and that Adalynn accidentally ingested some before she could clean it up, authorities uncovered the real details of what happened and the disturbing way Natalie thought she could get away with it.

According to police, Natalie “recklessly left a 120 mg bottle of liquid methadone in reach of her children,” which is a synthetic medication used to treat opioid addiction. It basically curbs an addict’s cravings for the drug by replicating the feeling of the high.

Finding that her baby wasn’t breathing, police said that she “took no action to seek medical attention for the child.” Instead, she left her there to go to her dealer and buy methamphetamine to give the girl, assuming that would “counteract” what Adalynn was experiencing from the methadone.

In a drug addicts mind, giving a child an “upper” to cancel out the “downer” made perfect sense, but in reality, it’s a lethal combination. A witness said to authorities that Natalie told her what her plan was and instead of calling for help herself when she heard it, she too did nothing and even watched the mother insert the meth into the toddler’s rectum, according to AZ Family.

When that resolve didn’t work, the drugged up duo called paramedics. By then, it was too late and Adalynn was pronounced dead at her home. Natalie has since been charged with one count of first-degree murder and two counts of child abuse since her two other children were also home at the time.

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