Do you feel you lack the time for a thorough, full-body workout? Think again. The Turkish Get Up is a single workout that combines strength, stability, coordination, and uses every muscle in your body. Certainly, it could sound intimidating at first (I know it did for me), but once you’ve learned some essential fundamentals, like lunges with a kettlebell overhead, you can take on this incredibly effective exercise and you won’t look back. You can choose to perform a “naked” Turkish Get Up for my beginners, which is only a Turkish Get Up without a kettlebell. To practice holding onto anything while performing the motions, try grasping a shoe or something else that is quite light.

1. Get your kettlebell. Start with a lighter one until you know what you’re capable of and work your way up slowly. Grasp the kettlebell in both hands and lay on one side curled slightly in a fetal-like position. Bring the kettlebell to your chest.

2. Position your legs. First, legs form a 90-degree angle with your body. Then, bend one leg (the leg on the same side as the kettlebell) and place that foot flat on the floor slightly above the spot where your knee was before you bent your leg.

3. Position your arms. Place the free arm out to your side so that it forms a 45-degree angle with your body, palm down. Place the arm carrying the kettlebell above your shoulder keeping your wrist and elbow completely straight and eyes on the prize… or in this case, kettlebell.

4. Move from your forearm to your hand. To avoid letting the kettlebell sway forward, try to imagine that you’re placing your shoulder blade in your back pocket.

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