A 2-week-old Baby’s Cries Of Pain Are Heard By The Father. He Then Notices What The Nanny Is Doing To Her At That Point

A nanny in New York has been arrested on assault charges after being caught attacking a small 2-week-old baby. According to PIX 11, Nassau County Police arrested 57-year-old Stacy Sakeran after she was caught beating a newborn baby. Police say the baby’s father heard his infant crying out in pain around 1:40 a.m. and decided…

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The gut microbiome’s components may be able to predict CAR-T cell therapy effectiveness more accurately

Although the likelihood of developing cancer has decreased in the European Union in recent years, according to recent preliminary studies, cancers continue to be one of the leading causes of death. However, there have been some areas where progress has been very encouraging, like the battle against lymphoma using CAR-T cell immunotherapies. The body’s own…

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Plans have been proposed for a facility in Louisiana that can remove CO2 directly from the air

A group of technology developers announced on Thursday that they had submitted a request for funding to the American government for a Louisiana facility that could extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere directly. To obtain money from last year’s bipartisan Inflation Reduction Act to support the development of the anticipated Project Cypress direct air capture…

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