What Is macOS Game Mode?

Macs aren’t known as gaming machines given the fact that a large portion of games are not natively compatible with macOS. If you’re determined enough, you can get some games to work, but it’s mostly a huge pain. Macs have generally been best suited for creative endeavors and productivity, and while that’s not changing, Apple…

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Painful moment 13-year-old daughter’s life support was turned off after she breathed in household chemicals to get high

Ally Langdon has burst into tears while speaking to the devastated parents of a teenage girl who died after inhaling toxic household chemicals to get high. Esra Haynes, 13, went into cardiac arrest after breathing in deodorant during a sleep-over in north-east Melbourne over the Easter long weekend. Andrea and Paul Haynes recounted the nightmare moment they received a call telling…

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Boy woke up after “dying”, ‘his mom was left stunned and screamed in disbelief when he told her who he saw in the afterlife’!

The mother, Julie, was reportedly driving home along with her husband, Andy, and their then-8-year-old son when their car collided with another vehicle. Her husband died at the scene while she was rescued from the wreckage. The car had been crushed and mangled. Emergency responders didn’t realize there was an 8-year-old boy in the wreckage…

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